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Date: 2017-10-09 15:17

======<Информация об аккаунте>======
Мэйл - dargo.123456@yandex.ru:24062002z1zZ
Логин - mbarak322
Ссылка - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198188569385
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Вход: 20 days ago
Активность: -
Дата Рег: 2015-03-29
LvL: 8
VAC Бан: Banned
Trade Бан: None
Communit Бан: None
Друзей: 6
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Dota 2 292 часов
Warframe 102 часов
Trove 22 часов
Unturned 9.7 часов
War Thunder 8.8 часов
Saints Row IV 6.3 часов
Stronghold Kingdoms 5.7 часов
Rocket League 4.7 часов
Starbound - Unstable 4.4 часов
No More Room in Hell 3.7 часов
Napoleon: Total War 3.4 часов
Terraria 3.1 часов
Stellar 2D 1.3 часов
SpaceCorn 1.2 часов
Saints Row: The Third 1.2 часов
Sometimes: Success Requires Sacrifice 1.2 часов
Counter-Strike 0.7 часов
Fishing Planet 0.6 часов
Starbound 0.5 часов
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero 0.4 часов
Team Fortress 2 0.4 часов
Strife 0.4 часов
Clicker Heroes 0.3 часов
Counter-Strike: Source 0.3 часов
Sakura Clicker 0.2 часов
Neverwinter 0.1 часов
AirMech 0 часов
Sins of a Dark Age 0 часов
Cubic Castles 0 часов
Pyramid Raid 0 часов
Quake Live 0 часов
Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies 0 часов
Free to Play 0 часов
EAC eSports 0 часов
Chronicle: RuneScape Legends 0 часов
APB Reloaded 0 часов
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes 0 часов
Dirty Bomb 0 часов
Earth 2150: The Moon Project 0 часов
Half-Life 2: Update 0 часов
Heroes & Generals 0 часов
Magicka: Wizard Wars 0 часов
Moonbase Alpha 0 часов
Mortal Online 0 часов
Panzar 0 часов
Ragnarok 0 часов
Realm of the Mad God 0 часов
Rise of Incarnates 0 часов
Saints Row 2 0 часов
Survarium 0 часов
Sven Co-op 0 часов
The Four Kings Casino and Slots 0 часов
theHunter 0 часов
The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot 0 часов

TF 2 - (47)
Dota 2 - (10)
Steam - (7)


Dear supporters of Mad Sin,
Unfortunately we are forced to move our show at the Mighty Sounds and in Pineda to 2017. The band is new reforming and will not be able to play there this year. We regret that very much because Mighty Sounds and the Psychobilly Meeting has always been 2 of our favorite gigs and we enjoyed being with the crowd. I personaly wanna thank my bros of Demented Scumcats for takin over the slot st pineda We hope you understand why we had to decide like this and we wish Raquel Franc the whole Just for Fun crew and of course all of You a hell of a party. See you at the Mighty Sounds and the Psychobilly Meeting 2017!
Stay mad! Koefte deVille

#pinedapsychobillymeeting #mightysounds


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