vk: For All New Players - Grande Vegas Casino - Get $50 free

Date: 2017-10-30 22:20

1200 HK dollars is about 200 USD. I came with 600 HK dollars and left with 1200. Every once in 3 months I need to cross the border with China and come back same day for business visa formality. Macau (Asian Las Vegas) is the closest spot. Only 1 hour by highspeed train from Guangzhou and I am in Zhuhai, border city between mainland China and Macau. Every time I go to Macau I go to play in Venetian Casino, the biggest in the world, 1 mln sq meters. There is no time here. It works day and night, 24/360. Once this money making machine started going it will never stop. I like to play roulette. Have my stop-loss and take-profit limits, which is 100 USD equivalent. In other words if I loose 100 USD I stop playing, if I win 100 USD I stop as well. This time I was betting on black, if red came I would double the bet. Very simple strategy, no need to think too much, just relaxed and enjoyed the game. Luck was on my side this time, within 2 hours I reached my take-profit and left the casino. Time to go back to China:)