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Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands Gananoque Ontario Canada #game #charity

# Check this! A link to their official site The Biggest Game In Town! Straddling the historic communities of Leeds and Thousand Islands, and Gananoque, Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands is a first-class gaming experience in a magnificent natural setting. Located just 20 minutes east of Kingston and 10 minutes from the U.S. border, Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands offers excitement in a beautiful setting. Ranging from 2 to $5, there are over 500 slot machines, with favourites such as Wheel Of Fortune, EZ Baccarat, Monopoly and Jackpot Party Progressive. Try your luck at table games such as Blackjack, Craps, Roulete, Texas ...


Las Vegas Coupons #las #vegas #crime

# A brand-new twist on an age-old classic arrives at Downtown Grand Hotel Casino this month: Street Dice. This craps-style game is the brainchild of Downtown Grand CEO Seth Schorr, who envisioned a lively, crowd-pleasing outdoor gaming experience reminiscent of the back-alley dice games that flourished in urban centers during the Mob’s heyday. Inspired by the Downtown Grand’s proximity to The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, Street Dice is ONLY available at Downtown Grand. Played outdoors on a custom-designed table fronting Third Street and the Downtown3rd dining and community gathering space, Street Dice is ...


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Learn to deal craps if you want to become craps dealer. There is number of casinos and clubs which offering jobs for craps dealer but you need to learn to deal craps before joining any casinos or clubs. So start learns by joining CEG Dealer School, casino Entertainment Group (CEG) is one of the best dealer school of Las Vegas. The owner of CEG Mr. Alex Kim has a team of highly qualified experienced faculty members, who delivers quality of classes. Casino Entertainment Group provides productive classroom environment and flexible hours for classes where you can explore your skills and can enhance your knowledge.

CEG Dealer School
4850 W. Flamingo Road #37
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: 702-373-0860
E-mail: ceglasvegas@gmail.com
Website: http://cegdealerschool.com/
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CEG Dealer School is a premier casino school of Las Vegas, CEG offering classes for all casino table games on very affordable prices and provides a better learning environment and flexible hours for classes CEG is one that provides quality of services at very lowest price and it have a team of highly qualified faculty members. Pricing for CEG Dealer School-
1. Craps $300
2. Blackjack $250
3. Baccarat $250
4. Roulette $250
5. Specialty Games $250
6. Any three $500
7. Any four $650
8. Any five $750
So what are you waiting for? Contact CEG Dealer School Today!

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Do you love gambling? If yes then choose a reputed school and starts learn to deal with casino games. If you want learn to deal craps, simply craps takes 6 week means 80 hours to complete. And the rules of craps are relatively simple; players bet or wager on the outcome of the combined number two dice will land on when rolled. There is numbers of academy which offers course for the most popular games such as Craps and Blackjack. There is a reputed academy named CEG Dealer School which offers productive friendly classroom environment and flexible hours for classes.


In casinos industries, the term table game is used to distinguish games like blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat that are played on a table and operated by one or more live dealers. There are number of casino schools in Las Vegas that offering these courses. CEG Dealer School is one of the best academies which provide better classroom environment and quality of services, CEG in one that offers flexible hour and productive learning environment for every class.

Any Query Please Visit- http://cegdealerschool.com/classes/


I'd like to think that if it's deserved, I could ride for justice and revenge like one of the four horsemen of the apocolypse through the lands of my enemy. For months I could tear across the Earth and leave a 2km wide trail of fire and death in my wake, like Gen. Sherman putting the confederacy to the torch. Sometimes the way people treat you can bring up such fantasies, right?

But I could never sustain it. I can rampage like a barbarian for a while when I think it's necessary, but I can't sustain the anger and lust for my enemy's destruction for very long. That sucks - I wanna be a badass, dammit!! But ultimately I'm a nice and caring guy. Yes, a nice guy - whether I want to be or not 😒

Often in a fight that's personal, whether personality conflict, a lawsuit or on the street, when I gain the upper hand and get far ahead I start feeling sorry for my enemy and feel guilt if I think i'm being too mean. Even if they were just as mean to me when they had the upper hand, I have a bad habit of forgetting about that and feel mercy for them. Not sure that is totally good or totally bad.

It's strange though - i never feel this way when I'm fighting business competitors or opponents at the poker table. And definitely not when I am playing blackjack. - screw having mercy on a casino hahah! Still, when it's business or cards, I never feel sorry for my opponents and never any guilt or sense that I might be too mean to them. I can commiserate with a defeated opponent and empathize with them, along the lines of "Daaaamn, dude, that was a tough break right there brother, oh my god hahahah.. .I feel your pain bro" But that's it, not the 'Oh crap, ,I'm taking this too far aren't I? Maybe we can make peace .. " kind of thinking I get in a personal fight.

I wonder why that is. Maybe because it's only money and, yes it hurts, but ultimately everyone is going to have food and shelter tomorrow and be ok. OR maybe it's because business and poker opponents are supposed to be professionals with a mental toughness that a loss won't upset, and they are trying to take your money just like you're trying to take theirs. So it's more fair? I dunno, but it's interesting.


Craps is truly the most popular dice game in all types of casinos. To play it right and win a player needs to roll two dice cubes along the table. The first roll is called the “come-out”, and a player wins if he/she bets on the “pass line” and gets 7 or 11 in the come-out. He/she loses if 2, 3 or 12 are rolled.


Keno Casino Games
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LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Las Vegas Crier has reported that the Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnik is suffering from a gambling problem. He recently spent the night at a roulette table at Slots-a-Fun, the oldest and cheapest casino on the Las Vegas strip. After many unsuccessful bets on Red, Black, and the Top Line, he started putting all his chips on numbers 2 and 14. Zero kept coming up.

After the loss, Mr. Melnyk was devastated and tried to pay off the credit on his chips with his Biovail/Valeant stock, once a TSX darling. When it was revealed that the stock is the only one on the market with a negative valuation, Mr. Melnyk had no choice but to relinquish control over his only asset still worth something, the Ottawa Senators.

Upon move to the Sin City for the 2017/18 season, the former Ottawa team will lose its Senators moniker for obvious reasons. It is rumoured that it may be renamed Las Vegas Jokers or Las Vegas Craps. A well-financed Blue Man Group is said to be the new owner.


► VideoCopilot – Money & Casino Pack ◄

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• Описание:
Money & Casino Pack - это коллекция 3D-моделей, включающая в себя материалы на тему азартных игр.

• Особенности:
- Более 35 3D-моделей высокой четкости
- Несколько 3D форматов (obj, fbx-файлы)
- Текстурированны и готовы к использованию
- 2К разрешение текстур
- Легко настраиваемая текстура карта

• Список моделей:
Bar Stool
Blackjack Table
Briefcase Open
Casino Chips Blue
Casino Sign
Coin Quarter
Craps Table
Dark Beer
Diamond Ring
Money Sack
Neon Sign
Playing Cards Ace
Poker Table
Roulette Wheel
Single Bills
Slot Machine
Slot Wheel
Small Safe
Vault Closed

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One of my favorite games to play on my iphone. After the latest update, I can't think of one thing I would change about this game. I knew the basic rules of craps before I got this game, but with its intuitive options and explanations on the various bets, I would feel confident stepping up to any craps table in a casino. Exactly what an iphone game should be!

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Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino opening Sept. 28; Food outlets announced
Lars Jones World Casino News
#казино #casino
Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel near Murphy, North Carolina is set to officially open their doors to patrons at 2pm on September 28th. The $110 million facility is owned by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation and will be managed by Caesar Entertainment.

The 50,000 square foot casino floor will offer 1,050 slots and video poker machines and 70 Las Vegas style gaming tables such as blackjack, roulette, and craps. Cherokee Valley River Casino hopes to draw visitors from the North Georgia as well as the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. A spokesperson for the property also says that the Murphy location provides a complete experience for visitors who just want to gamble, relax, and have a little fun compared to the more resort-style destination offered at Harrah’s in Cherokee.

Over 500 people were employed in the construction of the facility and around 900 are expected to have jobs in management and support positions. Several job fairs have been held and the company is still hiring leading up to the grand opening.

The 300 room hotel is expected to open in tandem with the casino next month. Preliminary booking inquiries are showing upscale prices at the remote location with the least expensive Friday night room rates priced at $599 and mid-week prices beginning at $399 for mid-November stays, although those prices could change as market forces come to bear.

The dining line-up was recently announced and most of the offerings are of the casual and “grab and go” variety, with no upscale steak and seafood venues available. The five options include Earl of Sandwich, Panda Express, Papa John’s Pizza, Nathan’s Famous, and Starbucks quick bites.

Readers can view the exterior of the hotel and casino on a live construction cam. The parking lot and landscaping are all completed and workers are putting the final touches on the interior while dealers and support staff are trained inside.


Studio City Macau is a giant new casino rising in Macau's glitzy Cotai Strip (the peninsula's answer to the Vegas Strip). And smack-dab in the middle of the development is the world's first figure-8 Ferris wheel. 
The whimsical ride is a sign of the times in Macau: As mainland China's anti-corruption campaign and visa restrictions loom, developers are scrambling to bolster the peninsula's non-gaming attractions. 
With its faux Art Deco design, the $3.2 billion casino apes the golden age of Hollywood in all the signature ways — glitzy gambling floors, movie-themed entertainment options, a 1,600 room hotel, and finally, a Ferris wheel built to look like a gigantic 35 mm film reel.

Stretching 425-feet high, the "Golden Reel," as the ride is called, also happens to be Asia's highest Ferris wheel. It's sandwiched between the two huge towers that house the casino's many hotel rooms.
You can board one of the wheel's 17 cars (each with space for up to 10 passengers) on the 23rd floor of the hotel. As the ride moves, it snakes around the steel gold circles in a figure-8, similar to the movement of a film's reel. There's no crossover in the middle, however, so it's not a true figure-8. To get a sense of the movement, imagine two number threes facing each other. 
Spectacular views of the city and the South China Sea are guaranteed.
Built by Liechtenstein's Intamin Amusement Rides, Studio City Macau's Golden Reel is a clear response to Chinese regulators' demands for more non-gaming attractions.
The casino will also include a themed ride called "Batman Dark Flight," a variety of live magic shows, a nightclub, shopping outlets, a number of fine dining establishments, and a Warner Bros.-themed kids' center.
The Ferris wheel is currently undergoing mechanical tests and the entire casino is slated to open later this year.
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Casino Games
Blackjack Table $235 per cruise
Craps Table $250 per cruise
Roullette Table $235 per cruise
Poker Table $225 per cruise
Texas hold Em $225 per cruise.


Matthew Pillsbury was born in Neuilly, France in 1973. After receiving a MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York; Matthew Pillsbury focuses on creating large black-and-white photographs using an 8×10 camera. He takes long exposures, often an hour or two, of people working with computers, using handheld electronic devices or watching television. Matthew Pillsbury’s photos are among the collections of renowned museums, including the Guggenheim and the Tate Modern.


Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment, Inc., incorporated in December of 2001, is a premier gaming and entertainment resorts. The Company’s operations consist of: Dover Downs Casino, a 165,000-square foot casino complex featuring table games, including craps, roulette and card games, such as blackjack, Spanish 21, baccarat, 3-card and pai gow poker, the latest in slot machine offerings, multi-player electronic table games, the Crown Royal poker room, a Race & Sports Book operation, the Dover Downs' Fire & Ice Lounge, the Festival Buffet, Doc Magrogan's Oyster House, Frankie's Italian restaurant, as well as several bars, restaurants and four retail outlets; Dover Downs Hotel and Conference Center, a 500 room AAA Four Diamond hotel with a full-service spa/salon, conference, banquet, ballroom and concert hall facilities, and Dover Downs Raceway, a harness racing track with pari-mutuel wagering on live and simulcast horse races. All of its operations are located at its entertainment complex in Dover. Its two wholly owned subsidiaries include Dover Downs, Inc. and Dover Downs Gaming Management Corp.


[dice rolling]
[DMX] Grrrrrrrr..

[Chorus 2X: Ludacris] + (DMX)
Bet a hundred (bet a hundred) bet a thousand (BET A STACK)
Bet a million (put yo' money where yo' mouth is)
Bet a hundred (bet a hundred) bet a thousand (BET A STACK)
Bet a million (put yo' money where yo' mouth is)

Let it rush through your veins, cause I'ma be the one
to step up and put a hundred thousand dollars on the game
Got a pocket full of change and they C-note stacks
Bustin dominoes, spades, cee-lo, craps
We shootin pool at the Luda-plex; I slap a hundred on the table
just to see if any fools wanna do it next
I got games galore, I got game for sure
And when I win I spit game to whores (yep)
Or double it back, I'll double the stacks
Throw a dub, a big face or double the stack (boy)
And we can 'bout anything that you wanna do
But come up short and OH THE THANGS that the gun'll do
Throw in the towel cause I'm makin 'em sweat
Or put your house on the line and I can cover the bet
So hurry up and come get some, if you want some
You know the phrase - scared money don't make none!


Throw some money on the books, cause I know how to call 'em
Somebody tell my fam I got a gamblin problem
I don't know when to STOP, maybe when somebody's
drug away by the COPS, or when I'm blowin steam
Countin green in the DR?1?P, because whether legal or illegal
all my people bring the strength to the block
Yessir, I thought you knew it, we loco
We'll bet on anything, just to see if anybody's gon' do it
It's people livin they LIFE comin up off change
And hustlers payin they bills comin up off games
Whether it's Madden or it's Live, tell 'em pick up the sticks
They call me Mr. Put-Down-Two-And-Pick-Up-Six
Then walk away with a clean slate; catch me out in A.C.
Callin yo' bluff with Puff eatin cheesecake
So all my ramblers, runners and money scramblers
Put your drinks up to all compulsive gamblers


I'm up in Vegas with a stack of black chips
Breakin the whole casino and doin backflips, man
Cameras eyein us, sidebetters tryin us
The more chips we stack, the more drinks they buyin us
Tryin to get me off my grind, but it won't work
Cause I can drink a fifth of gin and it don't hurt
I'm still breakin 'em, and dice still shakin 'em
I'll step in any place, just ask X what I say to 'em


Establishment of democracy: A group of people enters a casino, in which there are a roulette table, a poker table, a bingo wheel, and a craps table. To establish a lasting democracy, they must first find if, given the historical conditions, there is a game that all players would continue to play even if they lose. If there is such a game, they must agree to play it.