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Date: 2017-10-06 22:54

🇺🇸 ENGLISH version of the form (example) of the application for the return of skin's! 🇺🇸

✋ If for any reason you did not receive an trade with the prize, or your item's are not included into the game - write to US (STRICTLY UNDER THE FORM BELOW):

👉👉 A few basic rules that will help you and us at work:

- We consider games only in the last 24 hours. If any item is not executed, we have every right to ignore you.

- Flood, spam in the Message = Block, without consideration of the application. Write only if you need help.

- Photos, phone screens, etc. for the screenshots are not considered. Provide only from the computer and in full size!

- We work on shifts. 1 working shift in 24 hours. We will reply 100% within 24 hours.

- You can get 100 free coins from us, if the fault is the site's fault. Just write "I want 100 coins for an error" and leave your link to Steam when you contact us.

👉👉 Applications to write in private messages of this page VK.

It is very important to comply with each of these points, thus you will facilitate the work for us and speed up the process of getting skinks back for yourself. If the application is not properly executed, the process of issuing things can take a few days (everything depends on you).

👉👉 An example of your appeal in support of:

1. Indicate the site where the error occurred (D2D-ROULETTE.COM, PUBG-ROLL.COM, CSGOSTARS.RU)

2. Indicate the number of the game with which no exchange has occurred, or an incident occurred.

3. Specify the exact time of your exchange in the game (by Moscow). Note that if you provide an inaccurate time or time in another region, the application will not be processed correctly.

4. Provide mandatory screenshots (3 types): Screenshot of the history of the game (from the site), Screenshot of your stakes in the game (on Steam), Screenshot of the inventory history with this trade (on Steam).

5. Give your trade link.


✖ Устали носить деньги, ключи, ноутбук, аккумулятор в неудобных сумках?
✖ А часто воруют что-либо цнное?
Теперь ваши ценные вещи будут в безопасности даже в общественном транспорте!
🔥 Отличный рюкзак на каждый день со скидкой 50%!🔥
‼Успей купить 1990 вместо 4980‼


Playing the most popular free slots and online casino games and benefiting from the promotional advantages.Online Casinos for you! Best Slots: video poker, roulette, slot machines,MOST POPULAR ONLINE.
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Find out which cute pet destiny has in store for you in this fun animal roulette and dress up game!

Play Now Pet Roulette and others Free Games at aGameX.com

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Слоты Азартные Казино Игровые - Поле Чудес Дурак Бинго (All Slots Vegas Style)


Веселая игра для детей и взрослых №1

****** Free Jackpot Casino Game! *****

****** Action-packed casino fun ******

Rack up big wins of Las Vegas in this brand new and exciting casino game!

Get ready for an amazing hands-on experience, bringing the excitement of Las Vegas to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by transforming your device into a feature-packed casino. This game brings the full casino experience everywhere you go.

Enjoy the thrill of Roulette, Card games and Bingo of v

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List of nearly all sites based on CSGO gambling. Coinflip, Slots, Roulette. 1vs1, Jackpot, Dice Games and many others. Free coins, bonus promo codes. Try your luck! For more information https://csgobet.click


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Online Roulette For Fun! The #1 Online Roulette Authority Roulette4fun is the authority on everything roulette! Here you will find the best online roulette bonuses, premium roulette news, free try-out games, casino reviews, strategies and more. Roulette is a thrilling casino game which can be highly rewarding when placing the right bets. We’ve put together…


Top 10 rarest items/least bought items in League of Legends. Most rare/forgotten, dead least played, unpopular and uncommon items in LOL 2017.🔶Lower your lag with Haste for free: ❗ RP GIVEAWAY:
🔴Outro music: “Deadly Roulette” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Playing the most popular free slots and online casino games and benefiting from the promotional advantages.Online Casinos for you! Best Slots: video poker, roulette, slot machines,MOST POPULAR ONLINE.


Playing the most popular free slots and online casino games and benefiting from the promotional advantages.Online Casinos for you! Best Slots: video poker, roulette, slot machines,MOST POPULAR ONLINE.Online casino games at Lapalingo.com .10€ bonus without deposit.Today we have brand new slots for you


Sorry guys but I hope so that you understand English.

Reason why Developers are add Hired Ops chance for winning free keys on roulette is: "That many players which are win previous on their Giveaway where they are share 6000 free keys are not able to redeem the keys and activate the game through their emails!" We are have alot complains about that on Hired Ops Steam forum, so they are decide to give the chance to everyone, to get the free Hired Ops kreys through the roulette. By using emails which players uses to create accounts they get the messages with the key on that email and they activate the product. So, there was been more complicated before for players to recive their keys through Hired Ops website, now is really easy.

Also, I need to say, and I believe that this special offer through Contract Wars roulette will not be forever.

Again, I'm sorry if I using English language for this community.

Best Regards.
CelticPredator 😊


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[Обновление - Мод] Case Clicker 2 v2.1.0a [Mod]
Хотите больше классных программ? Ставьте 💚 и делайте 🔊

Мод информация:
- неограниченные деньги
- неограниченные во всех случаях
- неограниченное количество ключей
- неограниченное все коллекции пакетов
- неограниченное все сувенирные пакеты
- неограниченное все наклейки капсулы
- неограниченное автографы капсулы
- неограниченное столкнитесь с реальными профессиональными завода ножей
- неограниченное столкнитесь с реальными профессиональными и сувениров Фабрика новое оружие (АВП | Медуза, АРМ | Драгон ЛОР и многое другое!)
- Неограниченное Наклейки
- Превышен Ранг (Мировой Элиты)
- Превышен Опыта Ранг (Глобальный)
- Куплены Все Апгрейды
- Разблокирован Джекпот
- Казино Разблокирован
- Разблокирован Coinflip
- Nethub Разблокирован
- Разблокировано Нажматие Питания
- Анти-бан (удаление старых модов перед обновлением!)
▷ Скачать :

Combination of counter strike case simulator with clicker.
Click, buy keys and open cases! Be the best!

What can be found in the game?
— Arm deal contracts, just like in real Counter Strike!
— Roulette & coinflips!
— Match betting system!
— Online Jackpot system!
— Jackpot & trading system!
— Over 200 achievements
— Name Tags!
— Rank system, from silver to global elite!
— Mission system
— Souvenir system
— Capsules with stickers
— Over 250 upgrades
— Over 700 obtainable skins!
— Over 800 obtainable stickers!
— Ability to sell skins for real market prices
And much more!

Big update!
— Updated game interface!
— Added the new Crash Minigame!
— You can now add stickers to your skins!
— Added the new Krakow 2017 Challengers & Legends capsules
— Added item filters & search to item selection screens
— Updated sticker & sticker capsules prices
— Arm deal contracts and phoenix cases are now unlocked by default
— Increased prices of the rarest patterns
— Updated "useful links" section
КАТЕГОРИИ: Казуальные
ДАТА ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ: 13 августа 2017 г.
ТЕГИ: #Clicker #HawkGames #Case


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City of Ages: Picture Supportive Text MUD (server and client included)

The client is designed for everyone to make leveling much easier! Also, some find Text games more fun because a tonne more time is spent on the code over graphics. For those interested in taking up the code; there is a .TXT file to help you start out. VB 6 sr 6, is still a decent language to work with and easy to learn, this is why this language was chosen. Also you will need Access 97 sr 1 if you want to dig into the database. The Server and Client use a true X,Y,Z coordinate system giving real depth to the Mudding environment; allowing the development of a role-play feel and immersive realm. Portability friendly, use any mobile device, tablet, or any type of computer! Not a coder, no problem! Use the IMMO command and learn to build, takes awhile to get used to them but they work great!You begin your adventure with medieval weapons including cross/bows/slings and bolts/arrows/and rocks, and move slowly into modern weaponry. There are machineguns/hand phasers and ammo. Starships are fully loaded with weapons/shields and mines, use them as a house or beam down to just about any location in the realm. Stock-market, Golfing [its hilarious to golf grenades around the realm], Stargates, Starships, a tonne of different types of Quest engines, as well as normal types of quests, and many built-in Door games. Door games include, a Mini-Casino, a real to life Roulette game, a fun Horse Racing game, one playable Arcade game, Dice, and a Deck of Cards. For Role-play we have advanced EMOTES for you and your mountable pets. The creatures of the realm go on city Raids, and will eventually mark you as a bounty over time and then they will try to catch you off guard.Great for those new to Mudding and especially those that played BBS Door games. This MUD also allows you to link/import your own pictures and sounds, which is not included. There are loads of free pictures and free sounds found on the web. The MUD is fully finished and fully programmed to automatically run your quests for you.Happy Hunting!

Жанры: Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy
Поддерживыемые языки: English*
*languages with full audio support
Разработчики: Darren N Lory
Издатель: Darren N Lory
Поддерживаемые платформы: windows

#adventure #massively_multiplayer #rpg #strategy


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Что играло на радио #CapitalFm сегодня 27-07-2017?
10 последних треков:
15:49 Ultra Nate - Free
15:47 Spice Girls - 2 Become 1
15:42 Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You
15:37 DNCE - Cake By The Ocean
15:33 Jax Jones Feat. Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don - Instruction
15:29 Luis Fonsi Feat. Daddy Yankee - Despacito
15:24 Sigala & Ella Eyre - Came Here For Love
15:18 Katy Perry - Roulette
15:14 Kadebostany - Castle In The Snow (Bentley Grey Nu Disco Remix)
15:10 Paul Damixie - Get Lost
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Accept - Дискография (pt.1) 1979 - 2014🇩🇪

ну это вообще моё детство. одна из первых групп которую я услышал лет в 8. собстна с этого, можно так сказать, и началось моё знакомство с более тяжёлой музыкой.

1979 - Accept

01. Lady Lou
02. Tired Of Me
03. Seawinds
04. Take Him In My Heart
05. Sounds Of War
06. Free Me Now
07. Glad To Be Alone
08. That's Rock'n Roll
09. Helldriver
10. Street Fighter

1980 - I'm A Rebel

01. I'm A Rebel
02. Save Us
03. No Time To Lose
04. Thunder & Lightning
05. China Lady
06. I Wanna Be No Hero
07. The King
08. Do It

1981 - Breaker

01. Starlight
02. Breaker
03. Run If You Can
04. Can't Stand The Night
05. Born to Be Whipped
06. Burning
07. Feelings
08. Midnight Highway
09. Breaking Up Again
10. Down and Out

1982 - Restless And Wild

01. Fast as a Shark
02. Restless and Wild
03. Ahead of the Pack
04. Shake Your Heads
05. Neon Nights
06. Get Ready
07. Demon's Night
08. Flash Rockin' Man
09. Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away
10. Princess of the Dawn

1983 - Balls To The Wall

01. Balls To The Wall
02. London Leatherboys
03. Fight It Back
04. Head Over Heels
05. Losing More Than You've Ever Had
06. Love Child
07. Turn Me On
08. Losers And Winners
09. Guardian Of The Night
10. Winterdreams

1985 - Metal Heart

01. Metal Heart
02. Midnight Mover
03. Up To The Limit
04. Wrong Is Right
05. Screaming For A Love-Bite
06. Too High To Get It Right
07. Dogs On Leads
08. Teach Us To Survive
09. Living For Tonite
10. Bound To Fail

1986 - Russian Roulette

01. T.V. War
02. Monsterman
03. Russian Roulette
04. It's Hard To Find A Way
05. Aiming High
06. Heaven Is Hell
07. Another Second To Be
08. Walking In The Shadow
09. Man Enough To Cry
10. Stand Tight


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🔥Я нашел список выступлений, пацаны. Не благодарите.🔥

——— VCR ———
1. ???
2. 보여 - Sunday x Doyoung

—— NCT Dream VCR ——
3. My First and Last - NCT Dream

——— TRAX VCR ———
4. Road - TRAX

——— J-Min VCR ———
5. Alive - J-Min

——– Kangta VCR ———
6. 억지 - Kangta & Yesung

———— MENT ———–
7. Paper Umbrella - Yesung
8. I Just Wanna Dance - Tiffany
9. Wannabe - Hyoyeon & Taeyong(?)
10. Stay With Me - Chanyeol & Wendy
11. I’m Good - Henry & Mark
12. Greedy - Irene & Seulgi
13. Sweet Dream - Heechul & Baekhyun(?)
14. Lemonade Love - Mark & Park ???
15. Marry Man - Shindong & UV

———— MENT ———–
16. ??? - Shindong & UV
17. Free Somebody - Luna

——– CBX VCR ——–
18. Hey Mama! - CBX

———— MENT ———–
19. Young & Free - Xiumin & Mark
20. Press Your Number - Taemin
21. Deja-Boo - Jonghyun
22. Rain - Taeyeon

—— Night Time View INTRO —-
—— VJ(?) Show ——–
——- NCT U VCR ——–
23. The 7th Sense - NCT U

———— MENT ———–
24. Limitless - NCT 127

——- Red Velvet VCR ——–
25. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
26. Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet

———— MENT ———–
27. Red Flavor - Red Velvet

——- SUJU VCR ——–
28. Sorry Sorry (Rock Vers) - SUJU
29. Magic - SUJU

——- SNSD VCR ——
30. Hoot
31. Party
32. Gee

——– SHINee VCR —–
33. 1 of 1 + Replay
34. Sherlock (Clue + Note)
35. Everybody

——– BoA VCR ——–
36. The Shadow
37. My Name
38. CAMO

——– EXO VCR ——–
39. Overdose (Planet #3 vers)
41. Don’t Go
• ???
• Machine Remix
• Drop That (ft. TRAX)
• Let Out The Beast Remix
• Years - CHEN
• Lucifer - SHINee

——– ??? INTRO ——
43. Drop - 유노윤호(?)
44. TVXQ ??? (Mirotic + ??? + Somebody To Love)

—— OUTRO ——
45. Cherry Bomb - NCT 127
46. Calling Out For You - KANGTA
47. Rookie - RED VELVET
48. Only One - BoA & SEHUN
49. View - SHINee
50. Lionheart - SNSD
51. Monster - EXO
52. Hope - SMTOWN🔥🔥