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My personal hero is -Cristiano Ronaldo. His life always motivates me. He was born in 1985 5 February. His family was not rich. At that time only his father earned money. It was his father who brought the little Cristiano to football. Manager didn't see any talent in him , but he was hard-worked. Cristiano moved to the famous club Sporting. But when Ronaldo was 17 years old, his father was died. From that moment , Ronaldo promised his mother that one day his family would be rich and that he will become to best player in the world. Then Ronaldo gradually became the best. He worked hard for the family and came to training before the rest. Ronaldo kept his promise. At the moment he is 32 and he plays in the best club in Europe Real Madrid. He is one of the best players in the world and he has the title of the best player 4 times. Soon there will be a fifth. Not only in his career and family all is well with him 2 sons and 2 daughters. In my opinion, people should be motivated looking at the life of Ronaldo.


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Several observers from the Bitfinex community are pointing out severe problems with money withdrawal on the exchange, which might lead to it becoming “the next MtGox”. The risk may be related to the connection between Tether and Bitfinex and the concerns regarding redacted information that would normally be included in an audit.

Some users are claiming that the company is putting its users at risk and will eventually result in major losses through fraudulent trading practices. According to one concerned Twitter user, ‘Bitfinex’ed’.

Further, concerned users are noticing large price swings and comparing those to Bitfinex’s margined trading practices. These users on Twitter are concerned that the market is being moved by large-scale trades. Consider the following comment via Twitter.

Bitfinex the next MtGox?

Obviously the risk of over-inflation of bad news is real. Consumers are anxious about their financial status and can offer risk assessments that are built more on anxiety than on actual analysis. Nevertheless, many of the concerned users seem to be making specific observations public along with careful analysis.

The user Bitfinex’ed, for example, has a lengthy Medium article explaining the profound concerns he sees within the Bitfinex/Tether partnership. Another user on Twitter offered similar concerns regarding price manipulation, saying:

Assuming the best about Bitfinex, it would seem to be good business practice to make their internal workings clear in light of the general public anxiety. Cointelegraph has reached out to Bitfinex to ask them to clarify the situation and will update this story as soon as any commentary is issued.

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lol i don't understand this even NOW i suck at economics but i'll try and do my best

There are various workers which no longer have anywhere to work but still need to feed their families.

Nobleman #1 is called Alfred has the idea that he can pay these people to come and work for him. Nobleman #2 is called Bill and has the same idea.

Alfred offers them 1 pound to work on his field, Bill offers them 2 pounds. The rest of Alfred's and Bill's workers realise that they have power - they are a scarce resource so they contact noblemen 3,4,5 (Charles, Dave and Edward) and ask how much they would offer. Edward realises the value of having more than 1 worker per field now that they can buy them on the free market and begin buying up the finite labour source as an investment as he had the backing capital to do it, unlike poor Alfred.

Eventually Alfred manages to persuade 6 workers to work for him at the extortionate price of 6 pounds per week. Hence he was paying 10 pounds a week for 10 fields worth, he is now paying 36 pounds a week for 6 fields worth. This is awful and he cannot afford to buy that new set of armour. He tells everyone who will listen how greedy and lazy the workers are.

The workers who work for Alfred now have 6 times the buying power they had before so they go to the market/tavern/whatever and buy everything in site. The next week the owners of the market have felt the effect of the increase in cost of workers and have to charge more for the goods to make a profit hence everything becomes more expensive. If the market owners think they can get away with it they also tag some extra on the increase to make some extra money.

Suddenly Alfred's workers are not that rich in real terms and demand a pay rise or they will leave and work for Edward who is desperately offering massive amounts of money to anyone who will work for him.

However, everytime they get a pay rise to buy more things the cost of making things goes up (as their wages are part of the cost) and an inflation spiral begins.

Due to the massive increase in prices at the market and the cost of labour the noblemen find that they are not able to make as much profit as before and struggle to afford to pay the worker enough to keep them let alone maintain their standard of living. Hence they are far worse off.

Workers are better off but the inflated costs of good is crippling some people who cannot get the high wages for whatever reason.



When you look at truth as the truth and not as a lie, then the hand signal is the hand signal of a devil called "Lucifer" amongst many other names and is inclusive of ISIS, the total removal of GOD. That as seen Obama back up and installed by Obama as written in Scripture!

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The same way GOD wrote there is only ONE Elijah promised in the END and I am he! Then to the Jew go get your Scriptures and test it first the same way I wrote it first to you!

Then it is time Fox News moved the garbage right out!



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#commercial mortgage # What to Expect when Applying for a Commercial Mortgage Loan: Banks and Private Alternatives Part 1 If you have never borrowed money for your business before, you may be in for a surprise. Whether you want to borrow working capital to expand your business or leverage equity in a commercial real estate venture, you will soon find out the commercial loan process is very different from the more common home mortgage process. Commercial loans, unlike the vast majority of residential mortgages, are not ultimately backed by a governmental entity such as Fannie Mae. Consequently, most commercial lenders ...


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#real estate cairns # Best Price In The Shortest Time Got The Latest Property Market Report? Five Mistakes That May Cost Homesellers Time And Money Nov 19, 2015 | I constantly educate my sellers on how to make their home selling endeavour easier and quicker while bringing in top dollar. I am not going to… Read More »The post Cairns Real Estate Agent Mark Sheridan #arizona #real #estate appeared first on Real Estate.



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Hi friends, two words on my personal rankings:
Goodfellas is a real story. Henry Hill understood (and died a few years ago) that all the well-being done with the mafia, brought his life behind bars, under cover to not be killed ... was it worth it?
Bronx teaches that even evil has a good side. All of us, if we want, know how to get our best out, not our worst. Not all Italians were mafioso, criminals and money assassins. Someone does not.
Even "Blow", inspired by a true story ... had everything, but not the family's lost happiness, the most important thing.
And finally two classics ... Benigni with his sad comedy, every time makes me cry! That film is a masterpiece.
The sweet life ... what made famous Rome and a style I'm still looking for today. ❤


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Brian Tracy.

You Can Learn Anything
Over the years, I have worked in a variety of businesses and industries. I have
traveled in 90 countries, learned different languages, and developed various skills.

In my 30s, I completed my high school and got a business degree from a leading university. In every job, and in every situation, I started off by asking, “What are the rules or principles for success in this area of activity?” I then read books, attended courses, and asked everyone I could find for their insights and ideas. When I became a sales manager, I read every book and article I could find on sales management, and applied the ideas and principles to building and directing a successful sales force. When I got into real estate development, I read dozens of books on the subject. Within a year, starting with no money and no contacts, I developed and built a three million dollar shopping center and came out owning 25% of it.

When I got into the importation and distribution of Japanese automobiles, I again read the books, spoke to the experts, and did my research to find out how to set up a network of dealerships. In the next four years, I established 65 dealerships and imported and sold more than $25 million dollars worth of vehicles.

Over the past 22 years, in my work with more than 500 corporations, my entire
focus has been on discovering the reasons for sales, revenues and profits in each business or industry, and then determining how those principles could be best utilized to achieve the results of the most successful companies.
When people complimented me on my successes, I eagerly shared with them what I had learned in each area. I told them that they too could learn anything that they needed to learn to achieve any goal they could set for themselves. All they had to do was to find out the cause and effect relationships in any area of endeavor, and then apply them to their own activities. If they did this, they would soon get the same results that other successful people get.


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Apparently a malicious hard fork occurred on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, leading to the sudden appearance of Bitcoin Clashic. The vast number of various forks appearing on the original Bitcoin chain has now culminated in one on the Bitcoin Cash chain. A quick perusal of the new coin’s website shows the general feeling of Clashic - a swaggering picture of James Bond - pure individualism - the ‘true vision of Satoshi.’

The ‘malicious’ fork has made some fairly spectacular promises - transactions will take just seconds, the coin is incredibly reliable, there is no congestion with transactions, the technology is robust, etc. All of these promises are expected to make the fork the ‘Best Money in the World,’ according to their own press.

Big pump, Little practice
Usability may be a concern, however. As owners continue searching for real-life use cases, they will find that the coin has no current wallets, no services, no actual projects and apparently no exchanges. Nevertheless, it appears that Bitcoin Clashic is the ‘future of money.’

The new coin also appears to be completely safe from any loss of mining power because of an ‘emergency difficulty adjustment’ (EDA). According to the website:

“This genius inventions makes Bitcoin Clashic's Blockchain invulnerable from dying from loss of hashpower (although it's totally vulnerable to manipulation that destroys the inflation schedule, as well as defeats the purpose of having a long difficulty adjustment period to have a secure network, but don't mind that, people say it's fine).”

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Find the Best CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates at CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates – Top 25 Highest CD Rates, best fdic insured cd rates.#Best #fdic #insured #cd #rates

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I write this while being sober
I know I'll lose this state many times before it'll finally be over
Wait a little bit, a double-faced man until I get her
I'm devil or angel, but a low one
The thing with Gemini is interesting because I'm just like this, I don't adjust to this
Two faces intertwined like shoelaces
Never drink in the daytime, I can't walk a straight line
Drinking in the morning or in the dark evening outside, alone on the bench, like a homeless
Breathless and depressed, heartless and depressed
Never ever in a party, I don't want to party, but I'm feeling soulless
Convince me not to do this, you can't, no chance
Fucking shit makes you not being allowed to connect
I have to go out of hell, I detest the cage I'm in at best
A cracked bottle, do you see this? This is me, I see fire, blood-red
I'm not a crybaby, there are some feeling like that but I don't have to say that
'Blablabla, some are in a worse situation.' Many more are in a better one, no fun
As if I have to be glad, this is nothing to be glad of
I haven't become that, the trigger is enabled, gothic, goth shit, lost
When you're drunk, everything is faster than a bastard comes
But I don't care whether it will be a bastard or not
But a real, blessed bastard son, no demon son
I will repair the shit you've done, believe me or not
I was called a prophet by him, believe me or not
A true artist who understands everything and sees the future is a prophet, believe me or not
You have to search for the structure, I do no acupuncture
Soul rupture, at least another rapture
I'd go to hell if this would be the second coming, the other rapture
No, there's a lot missing to get there
I don't need this money, they can share
Everything or nothing, nothing in between. I did it for you and now I don't need
Yeah, I don't work for myself but for them who need, I'm not mean
I wouldn't just insult you like that, spat me
At least 2 liters, nothing less. Oh girl, free me
Or an equivalent to drink please. No, I need more, restless
Until I travel back in time and say: 'Thou hast less life than chess has.'
Until I forget the sense of time and space, forget the day and the five fingers a hand has
Until I feel the heartache from the smoke months ago in my chest
About 10, no filter, like 20 normal ones every night, I guess
This is my evening and my night, God bless


? А хотите вместе с американским хип-хоп исполнителем ⚡DJ Khaled спеть хит 🎤🎶I'm the One - Я тот самый (Я—единственный)🎶? Хотите? Вперед!
📍Мы — лучшая музыка! Ещё раз! Диджей Khaled!
Да, ты смотришь на истину,
Деньги никогда не врут, нет,
Я избранный, да, я тот самый.
Ранним утром на рассвете
Знаю, что ты хочешь помчаться. Вперёд!
Я избранный, да! Вперёд! Я тот самый, да!
Да, ты устала ото всех остальных подражателей,
Не давай единственному реальному запугать тебя,
Вижу, ты смотришь, не проморгай так всё время,
Я избранный, да!
О-е-о-о-о! О-е-о!
Я избранный!
Я единственный!
О-е-о-о-о! О-е-о!

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[Chorus: Justin Bieber]
Yeah, you're lookin' at the truth,
The money never lie, no,
I'm the one, yeah, I'm the one.
Early morning in the dawn,
Know you wanna ride now. Let's ride!
I'm the one, yeah! Let's ride! I'm the one, yeah!
Yeah, and you sick of all those other imitators,
Don't let the only real one intimidate you,
See you watchin', don't run outta time now,
I'm the one, yeah!
Oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, oh-eh-oh!
I'm the one!
Oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, oh-eh-oh!
I'm the only one!
Oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, oh-eh-oh!
I'm the one!
Oh-eh-oh-oh-oh, oh-eh-oh!
I'm the only one!


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# Vendor Management: How Do You Measure Value for the Money? Service-level agreements and key performance indicators are the most common ways to measure a vendor’s performance. While these types of metrics are highly quantitative, they’re fundamentally flawed in that they measure only a limited perspective of the overall value expected from a vendor. To measure real value, an IT department must develop appropriate metrics that quantitatively measure the more intangible aspects of vendor performance, such as commitment, innovation and flexibility—namely, the value of the business relationship. MORE ON Vendor Management To holistically measure overall vendor performance and value (overall ...


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Not very clear who did what when. Trump's behaviour is absolutely inacceptable, while the Russian security team made right conclusions. Future hypothetic meetings with Trump shouldn't be on VVP's agenda at all. Why meet someone with no real power within USA? For Russia, I think it's best to do as the Chinese do: keep quiet, work on your economy, get stronger and stronger, have lots of money, get wealth to your people, build up you militarty, show your teeth when you're ready, keep a watchful eye on the cowboys.


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to shopping it's best to save your money for the real thing - as these hilarious knockoffs prove.
Gosocial.co has compiled a gallery of the worst Made In China rip-offs shared online by shoppers around the world, and while the makers may have produced goods that lack quality, their cheekiness will certainly raise a smile.
One decided to rip off the iPhone but replaced the famous Apple logo with a pear instead.
Another hoped to attract buyers with a 'video game system' called X-Boy, while another made a very convincing pair of Nike pool sliders - with the brand name spelled backwards.


Learn How to Sing With One of the Worlds Leading Vocal Coaches!

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Unboxing simulator with hidden surprises;
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Wholesaling can be viewed as a good way to get some good good supplemental income and type in buying real property. General owning a home can be viewed as a hard thing. Actually, coping with inexpensive properties can be something which you are required to determine about first. An inexpensive property is one which comes inexpensive. Wholesaling can be executed in case you are not sure how much you will need to pay to improve the home, or how much you'll receive from the home or for seek the services of. As long as it is an outstanding offer, you can low priced all the properties as you want, without worrying about it. Inexpensive real house is an excellent deal because you can buy properties cheaply, and also sell them for more money. However, to be associated with wholesaling real real property, you need to understand a thing or two, and have a tiny amount of help.
The best way to commence is to synergy with a person who already has last deals, and who\'ve a couple of buyers.They could support you to find wholesale houses. If you are looking for inexpensive homes, someone who recognizes what they are doing can make the best have an impact on for you. This is actually the simplest way to enable you to ensure you are getting the best deal. You should make sure you can get a great education when it comes to properties, because this permits you to support the best control over what you will be doing with them later on. The average person that you synergy with can help you in lots of ways. They could make certain you really really know what the sales conditions are, as well as how to make a deal forever ones.


Mortgage Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval, getting mortgage pre approval.#Getting #mortgage #pre #approval

# Mortgage Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval Two often confused terms in the home buying process are a mortgage loan pre-qualification and a home loan pre-approval. Even some loan officers and real estate agents will use the terms incorrectly, so here’s what you really need to know about each one. A mortgage loan pre-qualification is simply an estimate of how much house you can afford and how much money a lender would be willing to loan you. The best time to get a pre-qualification is right at the beginning of your home buying process, before you even start looking at houses. This ...


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