vk: The Food Timeline: cake history notes

Date: 2017-10-07 15:55

Detailed icons in vector set from stock #20 - 25 Eps

Detailed icon, helmet, bullet, cartridge, binoculars, automatic, tank, medal, rockets, grenades, aircraft, fighter, palette, camera, pitcher, violin, ballet shoes, mask, carnival, columns, Check-out, bagel, bagel, muffin, bread, baguette, cake, Deseret, tent, tree, tree, fire, fried sausage, backpack, card, casino, slot machines, roulette, chips, coins, dice, horseshoe, clover, new year, snowman, cookies, movie theater, shout, submission, 3d glasses, camera, ticket, theater, tsyrk, a balloon, a Ferris wheel, carousel, tent, magic, magician, bicycle, clown, helmet, paint, truck, crane, drill, wheelbarrow, shovel, kripich, trowel, hammer, screwdriver , an adjustable wrench, pasatizhi, level, tape measure, wood saw, glass teapot, teapot, spoon, fork, knife, frying pan, bowl, plate, pot, jar, cup, mug, cheese, butter, yogurt, milk, ice cream, curd, a donut, pencil, pen, brush, stationery knife, pen, pen, marker, outlet, electricity, plug, danger, drink, cola, pizza, hot dogs, french fries, avokao, coconut, apple, orange, banana, grapes, pear, peach, chair, sofa, COMPUTER desk, chair, shifoner, wardrobe, desk, bed, bedside table, potion, pumpkin, bat, scary castle, grave candle, Pogo, temperature, thermometer, battery, ventelyator, heater, fireplace, kondeioner, fire, garbage, care of nature, environment, leisure, travel, summer, vegetables, garlic, eggplant, green peas, onion, carrot, tomato, cabbage in vector set from stock
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BUTTERFLY CHOCOLATE CAKE – COOKING WITH EMMA - http://www.arcaderex.com/butterfly-chocolate-cake-cooking-with-emma-happy-wheels/


The E.U. invested lots of dough from faithful taxpayers and its military power businesses. They enjoy cutting the cake filled up with collateral civilian casualties in Ukraine. USA keeps using its puppets around the world, this time an Ukrainian President and coincidentally imposing before more doses of economic crises. NATO and USA try to corral the big, but not anymore so red Russian Bear since 1991. In turn Mr. Putin, the clever KGB agent, another gangster as well as the rest at the Directors International Club bet also some Dollars on his Russian roulette wheel. He is just justifying his game against the almost unilateral western world power. It is normal wildly film sold today. Business as usual...