vk: Bet Sky Bet - The World of Keno

Date: 2017-10-27 08:09

What is love for you, my friend?
Will it shine in sky when you upset?
Or may be give you courage in the doubt?
You gonna play with me on this roulette?

I dont know. And who can say:
"I know exactly when will be my brightest day".
This cleanest sky is not for long,
Just turn up volume of this song.

Tommorow will come and take your sorrow,
But not forever, just take it borrow
And give it bake when you're not ready.
Just for fun, just to turn you into yeti.

For whom it's done? It's only child's play.
Already lost, even in the subway,
And no one cares, just leave these rows.
So i can start my brand new dumb show!

I'm tired of waiting, just want to know,
Where's the answer for my call?
Some seconds for the rest, I'm out of flow
And gonna place another bet in town hall.

I swear right now, this Smokie's not alone.
You are the one who'll be my brunette
And who can prove that you're not my Juliet,
Even if you are right now unknown.