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Date: 2017-10-12 15:31

Bonus code for prestige casino – Yahoo casino news

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Hi MEGASTARWEEDIM Here President Ceo Owner Lanadas Casinos »»> https://lanadas.com «« many special bonus offers and gifts that are now included in our VIP Program – for all our players. Below details some important information regarding these new benefits.

All VIP Welcome Package benefits come into effect the day after the upgrade takes place.
Platinum, Premium & Prestige Welcome Package bonuses are offered over a 3 day period.
The Sunday Free Play bonus is only issued when a deposit has been made in the previous 30 days.
Free Play Sunday bonuses are credited to a players account upon login- no deposit required!
You are only eligible for 1 bonus a day. Therefore if you are upgraded over the weekend, the Welcome Package bonus takes priority over any other offer, including our weekly Free Play Sunday promotion.
The monthly cash back bonus is based on house winnings on all games for one full calendar month.
The cash back bonus is issued on the 3rd Monday of the following month and covers the previous month’s full calendar.
Contact your Personal Account Manager to claim your monthly cashback bonus and for more details on how to keep your account active in order to qualify. Yours Sincerely MEGASTARWEEDIM President Ceo Owner Of #LANADASCASINOS



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