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Date: 2017-10-27 21:13

Band: Butcher M.D.
Album: Traces of Blood
Style: Goregrind
Released: 2015
State: Netherlands/Russia

01 – Thrusting, Killing, Concealing
02 – Unexpected School Bus Driver Heart Attack (Children Mincemeat)
03 – Explosive Extraction of the Brain
04 – Pulsating Blackheads About to Burst
05 – Shotgun Turns Gutgun
06 – Abdominal Cavity Vomified by General Surgery Intern
07 – Concrete Boots Underwater Woods
08 – Boiled Alive in His Own Blood
09 – Old Hag Coiled on the Truck Wheel
10 – Steering Collumn Face Punch
11 – Fake Tits Replaced with Two Severed Human Heads
12 – Blistering Bowels
13 – Devoured by Oozing Stomach Acids
14 – All in Russian Roulette Loser
15 – Public Carcass Disintegration II
16 – Traces of Blood

Butcher M.D. are:
Erwin de Groot – Vocals
Kirill "Maestro" Samoylov – Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Programming

Recorded May – July 2015 at Home Studio
Mixed & Mastered by NX5
Logo by NX5
Layout Kirill "Maestro" Samoylov

Label: Bizarre Leprous Production

Недостающие Композиции под Постом


Quick Fact: 1840s-Today:

Gambler Francois Blanc, at his casino in Bad Homburg, Germany, introduced roulette in the early 1840s with only 0 and no 00 on the wheel and table layout, a choice he stuck with when he assumed control of the Monte Carlo in Monaco two decades later. This roulette version became the European standard.

In contrast, American roulette games contained both 0 and 00, which afforded casinos about a 5.26 percent advantage.

The European version reduced the house’s edge by as much as half, and because players stood a greater chance of winning with no 00 involved, it grew much more popular.