vk: American Roulette Online

Date: 2017-10-29 13:56

Eudaemonic research proceeded with the casual mania peculiar to this part of
the world. Nude sunbathing on the back deck was combined with phone calls to
Advanced Kinetics in Costa Mesa, American Laser Systems in Goleta, Automation
Industries in Danbury, Connecticut, Arenberg Ultrasonics in Jamaica Plain,
Massachusetts, and Hewlett Packard in Sunnyvale, California, where Norman
Packard's cousin, David, presided as chairman of the board. The trick was to
make these calls at noon, in the hope that out-to-lunch executives would return
them at their own expense. Eudaemonic Enterprises, for all they knew, might be
a fast-growing computer company branching out of the Silicon Valley. Sniffing
the possibility of high-volume sales, these executives little suspected that
they were talking on the other end of the line to a naked physicist crazed
over roulette.
— Thomas Bass, "The Eudaemonic Pie"


Треклист (тайминг немного отличается):

Theme From Twin Peaks 1:31
“Diane, It’s 8:00 AM, Seattle, Washington…” 1:42
“Preparing To Board Flight 210…” 1:35
“Airborne…” 1:05
“Back On Solid Ground…” 0:51
“11:30 AM, February 24th – Entering The Town Of Twin Peaks…” 1:34
“Calhoun Memorial Hospital, Twin Peaks…” 0:21
“Sheriff, We’ve Got A Lot To Talk About…” 0:47
“Diane, I’m Holding In My Hand A Small Box Of Chocolate Bunnies…” 1:42
“Night Has Fallen Hard On Twin Peaks…” 1:20
“If You Could Bottle This Air…” 0:56
“6:18 AM, Room 315, Great Northern Hotel…” 1:01
“It Struck Me Again Earlier This Morning…” 0:28
“We’ve Just Released James Hurley…” 0:41
“Never Drink Coffee That Has Been Anywhere Near A Fish…” 0:54
“This Must Be Where Pies Go When They Die…” 0:10
“But First Another Piece Of This Heavenly Pie…” 0:14
“Events Converge – The Theory Of Concentric Thinking…” 1:09
“Canadian Geese…” 0:23
“Long Day, Turning In…” 0:43
“10:25 AM, Twin Peaks County Morgue…” 1:02
“Diane, It’s 12:27 PM…” 0:42
“A New Day For All But The Dead…” 1:28
“Sunrise – Slept Badly…” 0:54
“The Killer In My Dream Was Named Bob…” 0:45
“When All Signs Point To Rome, Diane…” 0:42
“11:19 PM, Jacques Renaud’s Apartment…” 0:45
“Once A Traveler Leaves His Home…” 0:45
“Deep In The Woods Near The Pearl Lakes…” 0:48
“I Discovered Audrey Horne Lying In My Bed…” 0:37
“Diane, 1:00 PM, Note The Following…” 1:03
“What You Are About To Hear Is Deeply Disturbing…” 1:06
“Roulette, Diane, Is A Sucker’s Game…” 1:06
“There’s A Feeling Of Death In The Air…” 0:47
“I Believe I Need A Large Cup Of Hot, Strong Coffee…” 1:07
“Diane, 4:37 AM…” 0:57
“As Long As You Can Keep The Fear From Your Mind…” 2:55
“Have You Ever Known Any Really Tall Men?…” 1:18
“I Think I’m On The Verge Of A Breakthrough…” 0:29
“It’s Time To Lay This All Out As We Now Have It…” 1:56
“Sleep Deprivation Is A One-Way Ticket To Temporary Psychosis…” 0:57
Dance Of The Dream Man 3:27