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Необходим иллюстратор, который сможет дать срочную (до конца сегодняшнего дня) оценку проекта и нарисовать интерфейс игры. Также необходимо будет сделать редизайн  экранов, прикрепленных к заданию.  Дедлайн - 3 недели.Основное задание: Style and colorsThe overall style should use Casino type of atmosphere with round table and dark colors.Examples are Zynga Poker and our existing Desktop based Zole designLobby Game lobby shall be made as indicated below.Lobby consists of:Basic player info (photo, name, amount of chips, experience level)List of tables for joiningTable creation section (tick boxes for game types, bets and create table button)Game room (table)Main items in the game room:3 players' photos and basic info (photo, name, level)8 (initial cards)Indication of game type, round and betScore tableEmoji blockEmoji icon when selectedIndication of player's role in current gameCards left in handHurry up buttonTime remaining for making move indicatorHurry up indicator when someone pushes one's Hurry up buttonBuy gift iconGift scroll barGift bought for particular playerExit buttonSound on/off buttonCards playedLast game buttonDrop cards button



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