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Date: 2017-10-31 08:43

When topics get exhausted! by Camel

We humans, not just camels, love to regurgitate! Seemingly there is no other choice but to rekindle in another wrap the same idea, desire, need, and the most commonly rewrapped item…our emotions. It's quite fortunate that we have at our disposal almost unlimited vocabulary to choose from to bring forth a new version of the same stale idea but even when words were not needed we can play the game of repackaging the same old haggard and dishonest character into a vibrant and marketable presence in the bazaar of fresh meat for Love!

Anything can sell in the bazaar of love and although almost all items are used, our habit to regurgitate gets us to hawk them as one of a kind and unique. Our hawking pitch turns us into scuba divers, rock climbers, outdoorsy, funny, yet at the same time a busy professional who loves to cook and can be a lazy couch potato who would love to snuggle up to his lover and watch a movie on DVD!

Omg, so much so to get another haggard member of the opposite sex under the sheets of a bed whose springboard is still reeling from the last month bouncing action that erupted in the midst of watching a movie on DVD, but your desire to regurgitate the same action using almost the identical words you uttered before propel you to go ahead and nail your new victim, who's mostly busy regurgitating her previously and invariably moaned moaning at a higher crescendo for her new found love!

And then as no significant amount of time is elapsed between your springboard reeling and her moaning, you decide that you are getting a burgeoning desire to rewrap yourself along with your charming personality and tired d*ck to revisit the bazaar of fresh meat for Love again..

You announce the reasons as to why she cannot be heard moaning next week, deliver the same eulogy as you did before for the passing of yet another relationship, and then her stock and unrehearsed crescendo of abuse, louder than she'd ever moan, sets you free.

You are exhausted, your d*ck is lamenting you for dragging it back again, but nonetheless your innate need to regurgitate everything one more time gets you back to hawk that has been sold over and over again!


OMG !!! she used the caps lock.now she's mad.I must be scared.need to find a egg shell to hide. :D :D just look at your comment & see how many times u told " u dont know me ". thats clearly a give away that you such kind of person who blame others & socity when ever they tell u something. high horse ? fuck yeah i m on a high horse.but,aint like yours,who's bitching about everything & blaming others. two people having argivement ? wow.. for real ? is this what you call a argivement.this just show you even not matured enought to your age.I dont have to judge you. all i m saying is you dont have fucking balls to put a pic.now u will say i m a girl.i dont have balls.bitch you dont have class or guts.for fucks sake.. YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE. you just someone whos dont even accept yourself.now u will be " oh again u r asuming " bitch i aint asuming shit. da fuck you talkign about worth ? jeezz.. aint ya literalty living in a fantasy. where you have imginary frieds.coz u dont have any in real life.you attention seeking piece of shit. you really amuse me. I hate circus,they should really let those poor animals free & let you talk about yourself.trust me you will make a fortune. IS THIS ORIGINAL ENOUGH FOR YOU BITCH ????


Sharmarie Ferrer
B'Geez I got themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm — с пользователями Christian Salva и Eann Cubb Cooper.
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Young Swerve
‎[id91634085|Полина Бахметенко] Is A Straight Keeper The Way She Throw her Heels On Thinking She A Diva..#Swerve
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Latavia Eaton Killed That Swerve : )
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Unique Banks

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Kenyah Anderson-West
had a GREAT day . chillen with MY baby tommorow . :)
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Sonya Marx Is there any screw to fix?
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Niquee Fletcher
Well aren't I in a predicament hahaha!
-oh well(;♥.
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Tanesha Gorham
OMG FML -_____________-
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Jailynne TooXclusive
Q: wen you goin lemme get that thang rite ?

A: look here you lil prick its clear tah me that you rich but see look you got me confused im not that kinda chick. ( webbie ♥ ) lmao ;)
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Jailynne TooXclusive
Q: why are you such a stranger ?

A: Idk, its not just me you can hitt me up sometime too.
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Sonya Marx
Today starvation and maybe neww VIDEO WITH U.
morning-logical in ANOTHER JOURNAL.
All america began to write small i,say MY GOSH and MOTHERFUCKERS/