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Place your bets, spin the roulette wheel and win big in this modern-day casino classic!

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Nevada was the first state to legalize casino-style gambling, but not before it reluctantly was the last western state to outlaw gaming in the first decade of the 20th Century.

At midnight, Oct. 1, 1910, a strict anti-gambling law became effective in Nevada. It even forbid the western custom of flipping a coin for the price of a drink.

The Nevada State Journal newspaper in Reno reported: "Stilled forever is the click of the roulette wheel, the rattle of dice and the swish of cards."

"Forever" lasted less than three weeks in Las Vegas.

Gamblers quickly set up underground games where patrons who knew the proper password again jousted day and night with Lady Luck. Illegal but accepted gambling flourished until 1931 when the Nevada Legislature approved a legalized gambling bill authored by Phil Tobin, a Northern Nevada rancher. Tobin had never visited Las Vegas and had no interest in gambling.

He said the legalized gambling legislation was designed to raise needed taxes for public schools. Today, more than 43 percent of the state general fund is fed by gambling tax revenue and more than 34 percent of the state's general fund is pumped into public education.

Legalized gambling returned to Nevada during the Great Depression. It legitimized a small but lucrative industry.



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Quick Fact: 1840s-Today:

Gambler Francois Blanc, at his casino in Bad Homburg, Germany, introduced roulette in the early 1840s with only 0 and no 00 on the wheel and table layout, a choice he stuck with when he assumed control of the Monte Carlo in Monaco two decades later. This roulette version became the European standard.

In contrast, American roulette games contained both 0 and 00, which afforded casinos about a 5.26 percent advantage.

The European version reduced the house’s edge by as much as half, and because players stood a greater chance of winning with no 00 involved, it grew much more popular.




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Бесплатная Multi Wheel Рулетка


В предыдущем посте вы узнали о методе выигрыша в рулетку, теории «выцеливания сектора». #Видео@cardician_ru

Менталист №1 Деррен Браун попробовал выполнить математические расчеты без применения специальных устройств. В первом видео, Пол Вилсон объясняет Брауну схему.

Второе видео, Деррен (+ скрытая камера) пробирается в казино и пытается выиграть 175 000 фунтов.


Joseph Jagger: The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo!
P.S. The article is long, but interesting

Joseph Jagger was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, but he spent much of his time in Monte Carlo. Jagger started his working career as a mechanic in a cotton manufacturing company. However, this work was not something he enjoyed and by this time he’d already had a taste for the roulette wheel.
He began to study the wheel more and more, noting due to his mechanical background that imbalances could create certain outcomes. He noticed that most roulette wheels did not have random sequences due to the building of the wheel. While a wheel is meant to be a strict game of chance, the construction on some was not always perfect thus lending to certain numbers on the wheel coming up more often.
It was due to these examinations that Jagger decided to hire six clerks in 1873. They went to Beaux Arts Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco. They were told to examine the six roulette wheels without showing their interest. It was through these clandestine examinations that Jagger was able to learn certain numbers on the wheels like 7, 8, 9, 17, 22, 28, and 29 were definitely hit more often. It was due to a bias of the wheel. In 1875 he placed bets on these wheels going with the numbers that would come up more often. He was able to win 14,000 pounds, which today would be 700,000 pounds if you account for inflation.
Jagger spent three days in the casino amassing 60,000 pounds, which caused the casino to change the order of the wheels. It did throw
Jagger off for a bit, but after a losing streak he managed to get back on. Jagger unfortunately lost since the casino tried again to take him out of play by putting dividers between the numbers. He still had 65,000 pounds in winnings and this led to his leaving Monte Carlo forever. He went back to the mill, invested in property and lived his life working a normal job until his death. Jagger was buried in his home town.
Source: http://onlinepokerrealmoney.co.uk/joseph-jagger/
Play: http://freecasinogames.net/games/roulette.html


"All part of a devious plan"
Roulette also has another name -👿 ‘The Devil’s Game’. 👿That is due to the fact that all of the numbers on the wheel add up to 666.
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Will the casinos of the future be full of skill-based computer games?

These days the card tables and roulette wheels of conventional casinos hold little appeal for the under 40s, prompting the big houses of Las Vegas to turn to digital gaming as a way of luring millennials.


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A casino is a place where players can bet and get profit. There everyone has a chance to try their luck and play the most famous games: slots, card games, roulette, keno, dice, domino and spin the Wheel of Fortune.


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Официальная страница:

• Описание:
Money & Casino Pack - это коллекция 3D-моделей, включающая в себя материалы на тему азартных игр.

• Особенности:
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- 2К разрешение текстур
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• Список моделей:
Bar Stool
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A beautiful Swedish blonde walks into a Vegas casino and goes straight to the roulette table. She smiles at the two dealers and bets $20,000 on one spin.

"I hope you don't mind," she says in a dreamy voice, "but I feel much luckier naked..." and she peeled off all her clothes, staying completely naked. "Come on baby, mommy needs a new set of clothes!"

The roulette wheel stops on 13. "I won I WON!!!" Shouts the blonde and jumps in the air in excitement

She collects the winnings and her clothes, hugs the dealers and disappears.

The two dealers looked at each other in shock, until one of them pulled himself together and ask: "Did she bet on 13?"

"I don't know," said the other dealer. "I thought you were looking..."


1. Not every gamble relies on luck.

2. Not all blondes are stupid.

3. But men - are always MEN!


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И… надеюсь, hasta la vista, Las-Vegas!



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А вы знали, что сумма всех чисел на рулетке равна 666 ?
Roulette is a casino game named after the French word meaning little wheel. In the game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether...


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Russia's vast eastern frontier is sparsely populated and underdeveloped - but one town there is hoping to become the new Vegas of the East and attract gamblers from across Asia, says the BBC's Stephen Sackur.

The best roulette wheels in the world are made in Italy. They are precision-engineered and hand-finished, soundlessly spinning their spell over gamblers in Monte Carlo, Mayfair, Las Vegas and... Vladivostok.

The port on Russia's remote Pacific coast - closed to outsiders during the Cold War as home to the Soviet Pacific Fleet - is rebranding itself as a pan-Asian entertainment destination.

Within five years, there will be half a dozen more casinos. There will be a water park, a golf course, spas and theatres. All carved out of a forest where temperatures plunge to -20C in the winter.
Hundreds of young Russians are currently being trained as croupiers, dealers, floor managers and receptionists. This entertainment zone, along with a proposed Vladivostok free port, and a host of tax and investment incentives, is supposed to transform Russia's Far East from forgotten corner of the Russian empire, to fulcrum of President Putin's pivot to Asia. The aim: to find new - eastern - sources of capital and trade.

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`` A European Casino Roulette - Spin the Wheel and Win - bianca hadley

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You're in Vegas, and down big money after a wild weekend. You're leaving the casino for the airport to go back home; as you're leaving you see a roulette wheel thats come up black for the last 5 times in a row. Do you:

a)Bet everything you have left on black..the trend is your friend.

b)Bet on red..its gotta be red sometime.

c)Don't bet at all, and leave for the airport...you've already lost way too money much this weekend.

d)Don't bet at all, but stand around and see what happens out of curiousity.

A or B, you're a trader, C or D, do investment banking.


PHILIPP PLEIN Men Fashion show Spring/Summer 2014

Welcome to the fabulous PHILIPP PLEIN Casino!!!! Two maxi slot machines marked the beginning of a show in pure Las Vegas style. A casino in the heart of Milan, in the Teatro Alcione, located at Piazza Vetra.The runway, a roulette wheel ablaze with lights, color and tantalizing models. The sexy gentlemen of PHILIPP PLEIN’S new sporty elegance.An international audience with celebrities from the world of fashion and entertainment attended the PHILIPP PLEIN Homme Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show, for its debut in the official MILANO MODA UOMO calendar. Opening the show, the super top model Isabeli Fontana, PHILIPP PLEIN’S Goddess of Fortune for the evening.


Mr. All or Nothing

It was late evening on 14 January in the Las Vegas casino. At one table was C**** B***, a computer programmer from London. For three years C**** had saved every penny. He had rarely gone out and he hadn't spent anything on his house. Finally, he had sold the house and with £145,000 in his pocket he had taken the plane to Las Vegas.
Now C**** was sitting in Binion's Horseshoe casino. He was waiting to gamble the whole £145,000 on one spin of the roulette wheel. A few other gamblers were standing around the table. Among them was C****'s friend, T*** L***. C****'s girlfriend wasn't watching him, however. He hadn't told her anything about his plans.
C**** placed his bet on red. If the ball landed on a red number, he would double his money. If it landed on black, he would lose everything. "I'm ready to play", he said. The wheel spun. The small white ball rolled and bounced around the wheel and finally landed on number 7 ****. The onlookers waited. What would C**** do? "He didn't do anything really", said one of the other gamblers. "He just smiled. Then he stood up from the table and left." The next day he returned to London. Since his all-or-nothing gamble, C**** had moved into a one-bedroomed flat. "The experience hasn't changed my life," he told. It was something I wanted to do and now I've done it. So that's it."