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Макияжжж 🐝

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Make mistakes, make tons of mistakes, fall and rise up because this is your only ticket for that indefinite second chance. Be the odd one out. Love is as complicated as it was then; it's Russian roulette with no clue of when the bullet will hit you , but don't let noise cloud your heart, and overpower your mind. you're one of the staunchest rebels and while the world sings of being proactive remain reactive a little while longer, it's the only feeling that'll keep you alive when you get older
@ Happiness ツ




💙 ЕXO - LOTTO (корейская версия)
💙EXO - XOXO (китайская версия)
💙Red Velvet - Russian Roulette
💙SHINEE - Odd (версия B)

✈Вконтакте - каталог "K-pop альбомы"(В наличии):

✒Для наиболее комфортного поиска нужной вещи можно воспользоваться поиском во вкладке "Товары".


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"Overworked, underslept, oppressed and possessed
I was against the odds, a vicious game of Russian roulette
Now I’m standing on the stage gazing on to the crowd
They’re all chanting my name it seems so loud
I wanna take a bow and thank you all for coming out
For giving me a shoulder, that’s what L.O.ㅅ.E is about!"


Друзья, всем большой привет с Ибицы!) И для начала хотим напомнить про празднование Дня рождения IBIZA SONICA RADIO и далее небольшой анонс вечеринок на сегодня и завтра от IBIZAFAMILY!)

- 19.08 - IBIZA SONICA RADIO наконец отмечает свой юбилейный 10-й День Рождения на Ибице и конечно - в KUMHARAS! Целый день, с 11 утра до 12 вечера! Музыка, еда, питье, друзья, дети, солнце)) Состав участников пока не озвучен, но будет круто, 1000%! Да еще где, в одном из лучших, настоящих и культовых хиппи, True Ibiza Spirit и sunset заведений Ибицы!

- Сегодня в клубе Space вечеринка Carl Cox - Music is Revolution - The Final Chapter.
Discoteca: Carl Cox, Kerri Chandler, Heidi
Terraza: Joris Voorn, Josh Wink, Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink (Live)
Sunset Terrace (from 8pm): Andy Baxter
Premier Etage: Jason Bye
El Salon: Quini!

- Любителям Maceo Plex, рекомендуем идти в клуб Pacha на вечеринку Mosaic by Maceo. line-up:

- Maceo Plex - 04:00 - closing
- Stephan Bodzin live - 03:00h
- Kölsch - 01:30h
- Agents Of Time dj set - 00:00h

- Patrice Scott & XDB - 01:00h - closing
- Odd Oswald - 00:00h

Завтра целых три вечеринки заслуживают особого внимания:

- Это конечно же, WooMoon в Cova Santa, которая уже стала лидером этого сезона.

- Далее Roulette в Heart Ibiza, где можно будет насладиться отличным сетом от DJ H.O.S.H., всего пройдет 5 вечеринок в сезоне, не пропустите!

- И в заключении HYTE в Amnesia, которая уверенно держит марку уже второй сезон!)
IBIZAFAMILY - первое русскоязычное комьюнити на Ибице :)
First Russian speaking community in Ibiza!
La primera comunidad rusohablante en Ibiza!



*어깨를 빌려줘 내가 지칠 때면
아무 말없이 너의 작은 두 팔로 날 안아줘

Baby 손 닿을 때 따뜻함을 느끼게
오늘도 내일도 똑바로 날 바라봐줘 Lady

눈치 보며 내게 물어 오늘 하루 어땠어
눈이 커져 이런 니가 처음이어서
믿지 않았어 너란 여자의 직감
들켜버렸어 얼굴에 새겨진 그림자

지울 수 없어 미소로 감추고
시간이 갈수록 난 더욱 아프고
남자답게 애써 괜찮은 척
결국 솔직하지 못하게 되가는 게 함정

기대는 법을 제대로 배운 적 없는 걸
단 하나는 확실히 배웠지 홀로 서는 법
가끔 나도 어깰 빌려 달라고
말하고 싶어 결승점이 없는 마라톤 이젠

끝내고 싶단 생각을 할 때
조용히 안아주며 내 맘을 달래 주길
부탁할래 무리가 아니라면
오늘밤만 내가 좀 기댈게 나를 안아줘

* Repeat

Let me tell you a story, the life of a kid
Los Angeles to Seoul, tryin to make it big
Without a clue in the world, fame and money on my mind
Knew nothing about the hardships, the struggles, the grind

Rewind to ‘011, flight overseas
New chapter in my life, time for me to chase my dreams
Culture shock, hit me hard, givin up was taboo but
The people, the language, the lifestyle; too much to go through

Blurred lines, couldn’t make up my mind
Thoughts like, “Damn. This just ain’t right.”
Overworked, underslept, oppressed, and possessed
I was against the odds, a vicious game of Russian roulette

Now I’m Standin on the stage gazing on to the crowd
They’re all chanting my name it seems so loud
I wanna take a bow and thank you all for comin out
For givin me a shoulder, that’s what L.O.Λ.E s about

* Repeat

아무리 강하고 단순한 나라도
눈물이 필요할 땐 너 필요하다고

내가 숨가파도 눈물을 참아봐도
버티기 힘들 땐 너 필요하다고

너의 어깨에 기대 내 맘을 말하고 싶어

* Repeat


Доброй ночи, друзья.
Настраиваемся на сон градущий под эту сборочку медленных фокстротов 😉


Enjoy the fun of learning with your child. Give your child have the best learning and entertaining experience.


All work and no play
makes Jack a dull boy,
All play and no work
makes Jack a mere toy.

The Rhyming Lyrics

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Occupying space through time
And we give you "The Rhyming"
Murdering mindlessness, lose consciousness
Minds possessed, (name) won't hurt ya I'm just stressed

I stepped and stubbed so many toes I'm left with bruising feet
Confront the inner child inside about the losing streak (SE)
Ya'll should lose your teeth when you abuse the speech
I got endless epilogues with different stoops to preach
Ya crews is weak can't talk your way out but use tools to speak (SE)

No Artvoice its muffled voice channel 4 news is leaked
Into pores, entered Matrix and paused (SE)
Played Russian roulette with rifles and gods
Trifling odds to visualize the concept of paying Adelphia's cost
Deciphering the lines in my lime green bars
That scroll down, I'm whole now but two halves did split
My life ... but you don't know the half of it
Guessing like a half wit I'll tell you suck my dick (SE)

Like that old chick from that Lake Placid flick
Mastered this to the point where I can disappear and reappear like a magic trick
Imagine this, I'm Houdini surviving water tricks as a vocabulist
I'll take the insecure mind of a dime convert her to a catalyst
You wanna battle this at the bar? trying to get drunk (SE)

So I'll let you spit your verse and feel you made me a chump
But when the cd gets released
You'll realize that me and Aston Kutcher got you punked
I'm trying to let you work out your throat with a knot lump
Make you feel like Private Pile from soap on the top bunk

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Russian Roulette is actually safer than 1/6 or 1/8 since people usually rotate the cylinder holding the gun horizontally or one of the side faces downwards. And since the bullet has some weight, gravity will pull the cylinder down and away from the hammer. So if you will be playing Russian Roulette with someone, spin the cylinder holding the gun upside down increasing the odds to kill your opponent.


Записи моего радиошоу Progressive Republic на Радио Шторм недельной давности
#New #EDM #DJ #Progressive #Republic #Radio
Слушать Радио Шторм можно здесь: http://shtorm.fm/klubnyiy/
Хорошего настроения ;)


1) Ivan Gough & Jebu - Void (Original Mix)
2) Sander van Doorn, Firebeatz, Julian Jordan - Rage (Original Mix)
3) Laidback Luke - Rocking With The Best (Tujamo Remix)
4) Riggi & Piros - Keep Rockin (Original Mix)
5) Benny Benassi & Chris Nasty - Aphrodisiak (Extended Edit)
6) DJ Romeo & DJ Matisse - I Feel You (VIP Mix Anthem)


1) Blasterjaxx, Badd Dimes - Titan (Original Mix)
2) Kaskade feat. Haley - Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)
3) Hardwell - Area51 feat. DallasK (Extended Mix)
4) Yves V, Mike James - The Right Time (Original Mix)
5) Matierro - Plethora (Original Mix)


1) Henrix & Mason's Rave - Warrior (Original Mix)
2) Sick Individuals & Ariyan - Olympia (Original Mix)
3) Jerk & Bastard - Bring My Beat Back (Original Mix)
4) Tiga - Bugatti (Tommy Trash Remix)
5) Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto - Can't Stop Playing (Makes Me High) [feat. Ane Brun] [Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Vocal Mix]
6) Pep & Rash - Fatality


1) Max Vangeli & Flatdisk - Skin (Pontus Green Edit)
2) twoloud - Outside World (Original Mix)
3) Julian Calor - Evolve (Original Mix)
4) Martin Garrix - Forbidden Voices
5) The Voyagers & Alpharock - Crossover (Original Mix)
6) Cosmic Gate, JES - Yai (Here We Go Again) (Original Mix)


1) Blasterjaxx - Mystica (MIDIcal Intro Edit)
2) Hardwell & W&W feat. Fatman Scoop - Don't Stop The Madness (Original Mix)
3) KSHMR - Kashmir (Original Mix)
4) Dyro & Bassjackers - X (Original Mix)
5) Kaskade & John Dahlback - A Little More (Cobra Effect Remix)


1) Eric Prydz vs CHVRCHES - Tether (Original Mix)
2) Digitalism - Second Chance (Capa Remix)
3) Damien N-Drix - Do It (Original Mix)
4) MERCER - Russian Roulette (Original Mix)
5) Deadmau5 & Nom De Strip vs Knife Party - Reward is Boss Mode (Jordy's "Something Wicked" Dazz-Up)
6) Don Diablo feat. Kris Kiss - Chain Reaction (Domino) (Original Mix)


1) Wolfgang Gartner feat. Bobby Saint - Unholy (Cobra Effect Remix)
2) JuicyTrax, Cosmo & Skorobogatiy - #HotPizza
3) Dyro feat. Dynamite MC - Against All Odds (Original Mix)
4) Tony Junior - Suckerpunch (Original Mix)
5) Jewelz & Sparks - Rave Maschine
6) Martin Solveig x GTA - Intoxicated (Original Club Mix)


Навіть коли доля ламає вщент всі мрії людини, які вона загадала на майбутнє,то це не означає що це кінець, і це неозначає що треба впадати у відчай, тому що в кожного із нас відбуваються як злети так і падіння..., це може бути для людини якраз навпаки, тому що кожному і з нас доля може подарувати шанс і вдруге, особливо якщо ми самі цього будемо прагнути і добиватися, тому якщо у нас відбуватимуться падіння недумаймо про це як про найгірше, а навпаки думаймо про це як про двері які перед нами закрилися, при цьому для нас відкрилися інші двері в якому можливості для нас можуть бути навіть кращі ніж в попердніх, що може нас призвести навіть до найвищих злетів.

Одним словом треба жити далі, і втілювати свої мрії, що би з вами не трапилося... 😊 🎧 👍


001 -.Dirty Rush & Gregor Es - Rocket (Original Mix)
002 - Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Can't Hold Us Down (Original Mix)
003 - Dada Life - Freaks Have More Fun (Original Mix)
004 - Mason - Exceeder (UMEK & Mike Vale Remix)
005 - Armin van Buuren - Hystereo (Khomha Remix)
006 - Borgore & Sikdope - Space Kitten Invasion (Original Mix)
007 - Evol Waves - Inferno (Original Mix)
008 - Deadmau5 - Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix)
009 - Dani L. Mebius, Goldfish & Blink - Scream (Original Mix)
010 - Dyro feat. Dynamite MC - Against All Odds (Original Mix)
011 - Deficio - Insert (Original Mix)
012 - Galantis vs Tom & Jame - You (Dannic Ultra Bootleg)
013 - Peter Brown - Feel It (Club Mix)
014 - Anevo & Hodel - The Walkers (Original Mix)
015 - Madwill & Simon de Jano - Thriller Pt 1 (Original mix)
016 - Max Vangeli & Adrien Mezsi - DNCE (Original Mix)
017 - NEW_ID - Aerogames (Original Mix)
018 - Olly James, Steve Reece & Skyrec - Game On (Original Mix)
019 - Paris & Simo - Punk (Original Mix)
020 - PeaceTreaty - I Put A Spell On You (Halloween Theme)
021 - Press Play - Russian Roulette (Original Mix)
022 - Plastik Funk & Tujamo - Who (Victor Niglio Festival Trap Remix)
023 - Dani Row, Jarvin Navarrete - Spartan (Original Mix)
024 - TJR & VINAI - Bounce Generation (SCNDL Remix)
025 - The Chainsmokers - Kanye (Steve Aoki vs. twoloud Remix)
026 - Slider & Magnit vs. Robero feat. Louise Carver - Price You Pay (Club Mix)
027 - Row Rocka - Baseband (Original Mix)
028 - Jaggs - Karambit (Original Mix)
029 - Lizzie Curious - Disco Sax (Original Mix)


The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York by Deborah Blum (Unabridged Audiobook)

Narrated by Coleen Marlo

Length: 9 hours and 15 minutes

Deborah Blum, writing with the high style and skill for suspense that is characteristic of the very best mystery fiction, shares the untold story of how poison rocked Jazz Age New York City. In The Poisoner's Handbook, Blum draws from highly original research to track the fascinating, perilous days when a pair of forensic scientists began their trailblazing chemical detective work, fighting to end an era when untraceable poisons offered an easy path to the perfect crime.

Drama unfolds case by case as the heroes of The Poisoner's Handbook—chief medical examiner Charles Norris and toxicologist Alexander Gettler—investigate a family mysteriously stricken bald, Barnum and Bailey's Famous Blue Man, factory workers with crumbling bones, a diner serving poisoned pies, and many others. Each case presents a deadly new puzzle, and Norris and Gettler work with a creativity that rivals that of the most imaginative murderer, creating revolutionary experiments to tease out even the wiliest compounds from human tissue. Yet in the tricky game of toxins, even science can't always be trusted, as proven when one of Gettler's experiments erroneously sets free a suburban housewife later nicknamed "America's Lucretia Borgia" to continue her nefarious work.

From the vantage of Norris and Gettler's laboratory in the infamous Bellevue Hospital it becomes clear that killers aren't the only toxic threat to New Yorkers. Modern life has created a kind of poison playground, and danger lurks around every corner. Automobiles choke the city streets with carbon monoxide, while potent compounds such as morphine can be found on store shelves in products ranging from pesticides to cosmetics. Prohibition incites a chemist's war between bootleggers and government chemists, while in Gotham's crowded speakeasies each round of cocktails becomes a game of Russian roulette. Norris and Gettler triumph over seemingly unbeatable odds to become the pioneers of forensic chemistry and the gatekeepers of justice during a remarkably deadly time. A beguiling concoction that is equal parts true crime, twentieth-century history, and science thriller, The Poisoner's Handbook is a compelling account of a forgotten New York.